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Bundle - Trauma Sensitive Classroom

Bundle - Trauma Sensitive Classroom

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The tools and support to get create a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom where ALL students feel SAFE, LOVED, & CAPABLE!


  • Membership to IMPACT with trainings, live online Q & A strategy sessions, guest speakers and more.
  • Monthly Trauma Sensitive Tools to put in place in your classroom
  • Monthly Parent Teacher Partnership Tools to create a strong team for your students
  • Private Facebook community - for ideas, sharing, and connecting with experts and other trauma-sensitive teachers
  • 12 Ways to Help a Child Impacted by Trauma Be Successful at School video series
  • Intro to Developmental Trauma video
  • Book Club - discussions and guest speakers

*this is a recurring, monthly charge. Your price will not go up as long as you are a member. You can cancel at anytime.